22nd Dussehra Mela at Amargarh Celebrates Punjabi Culture with Star-studded Performances

Amargarh, a name that resonates with tradition and cultural significance, witnessed its 22nd Dussehra Fair, a monumental event that unites the Punjabi community, celebrating heritage, music, and festivity. Organized annually by the renowned Jaggi and Heera International brothers, this fair has become a beacon for the Punjabi diaspora, drawing enthusiasts and celebrities alike.

This year, the picturesque village of Amargarh was adorned with vibrant decorations, with the heart of the festival pulsating to the beats of authentic Punjabi music. The grounds of the fair echoed with melodies and foot-tapping numbers as renowned artists graced the stage.

The audience was regaled with electrifying performances from Punjabi industry stalwarts like Alfaaz, Jenny Johal, Singgaa, and Kambi. Their music, reflecting the rich tapestry of Punjabi culture, set the stage ablaze, ensuring an unforgettable evening for all present. The footfall at the fair was a testament to the enormous love and popularity these artists enjoy.

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While some big names like Yo Yo Honey Singh couldn’t make it to the festival this year, the energy and vibrancy on stage didn’t wane for even a moment. The well-planned stage and meticulous preparations by the organizing committee ensured that the fair lived up to its illustrious reputation.

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