3:00 Am Sessions Album Tracklist & Release Time Announced By Rapper Badshah , Details Inside

Badshah’s 3 AM session- A self care playlist will start to release soon. It seems like all were waiting for badshah’s 3 AM session to release.There will be Six tracks in this playlist Bas ke bahar, Player feat karan aujla and Devika Badyal, Khair, Ichiban, Too many hearts, ya nahi feat payal dev.

image 13

Well fans were already waiting for these tracks. Karan Aujla (geetan d machine) is also featuring with Badshah in “player” along with Devika Badyal. This is an EP of 6 songs.

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Moreover, Badshah produced 3 AM session in year 2019. And it’s second time he is going to release another 3AM session- a self care playlist for his fans. As well know Karan aujla is featuring in a track of this EP so fans of karan are also waiting for these tracks to be out soon.

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