4 Years Of Tania’s Punjabi Industry Journey

Tania, whom we have seen playing a beautiful role in many different films. Recently, Tania told in her social media live that on 21 September 2022, it has been 4 years since she was associated with the Punjabi industry. In which he played a very good role and created a special place in the hearts of people. 

Qismat – Tania made her debut in the Punjabi industry with this film and only after that people started liking Tania and this film also featured Sargun Mehta and Amy Virk. Tania’s name in this film was Aman and he was playing Amy’s fiance in the film.

Son of Manjit Singh – In this film, Tania was seen playing a different character and the film also featured Gurpreet Ghuggi and Harbi Sangha. Tania was named Simran in the film.

Gudiya Patole – This film featured Tania Sonam Bajwa in the lead role and Gurnam Bhullar also featured in it. In which he was named Nicole.

Rabb Da Radio 2 – The film starred Tarsem Jassad and Simmi Chahal in the lead roles and Tania played the role of Tarsem’s younger sister in her maternal village.  

Sufna – This film changed Tania’s life in a way because the character of Teg in it created a special place for Tania in the hearts of the audience. The dialogues spoken in it “May kade kek khake ni dekhi” were liked by the audience. In it, he was seen playing the lead role with Ammy Virk.

Qismat 2 – In this Tania was seen as a college dropout and Tania falls in love with Amy who was shown to be much older than her in the film and Tania is shown to be a very interesting character in the film. Tania’s name in the film was Mazaj Kaur. 

Lekh – In this film, Tania’s character came out in a different light in which she was seen as a school girl and Gurnam Bhullar was seen playing the lead role in the film with Tania. This movie was liked a lot by people. After this, the number of those who wanted Tania increased a lot. Tania was named Ronak in the film.

Bajra da Sitta – In this, Tania has a great passion for singing. But because of people’s old thinking and people’s fear, that desire cannot be fulfilled. This story has been explained very well.

Apart from the film, Tania has also acted in many Punjabi songs, in which Tania also performed well and showed the song even better.

1 Teri Meri Gal – This song was sung by Maninder Bhuttar in which Tania acted which was liked by the people.

2 U and Me – In this, Tania acted in the video of a song sung by Gippy Grewal.

3 Kya Baat Aa – In this Tania acted in a song sung by Karan Aujla which was a different character and people loved this song too.

4 Teri Jatti – This song was sung by Amy Virk in which Tania did a great job which was liked a lot by the people.

Describe About Her Family :

Tania Father is an Doctor

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Her Mom is an Housewife

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She Has One Younger Sister Name Tamannah

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