5 Reasons To Watch “Nishana” Movie , Details Inside

As we all know “Nishana”movie will be releasing in Theatres on 25th November. The trailer of this movie is already out. There are two trailers of this movie. And people are curious to know the whole stroy. Basically this movie is a Romantic, Comedy and fill with Adventure. This film is written and directed by Sukhminder Dhanjal.

So what are the five reasons to watch “Nishana”.

  1. Star cast- first reason to watch this movie is an amazing casting. This movie is starring kulwinder Billa, Saanvi Dhiman, Tanroj Singh Bhawana Sharma and Guggu Gill. Moreover, the are introducing Tanroj Singh as this film is his debut work as lead. Furthermore, we’ll get to see the romance of Kulwinder billa and Saanvi Dhiman, Tanroj and Bhawana Sharma. Guggu gill is a legend of Punjabi film industry.

2 .Action- basically this film is all about action and fighting for the rights for people of the village. We will be seeing Kulwinder Billa and Tanroj Singh as police officer in this film as they are so dedicated towards their duty. This film is written and Directed by Sukhminder Dhanjal.

3.Dialogues- third reason of watching this film is it’s dialogues, while watching both trailers of this film their is an amazing script writing by Sukhminder Dhanjal. Dialogues such as “ES PIND CH POLICE DA AUNA MANA HAI, J JINDGI DA NISHANA MAUT DE RAAH TOH MILE FR NISHANA LAUN LYI HATHYARAN DI LOR NHI HUNDI” are so catchy and people are really curious to know more about.

4.Direction- Direction of this film is very creative, both trailers of this film shows that this film is going to be amazing.

5.Songs- All the songs of this film are amazing. The theme song is “Nishana” , “Pooranmaashi” and so on. The most Interesting this is that the title track of this film is sung by Simar Doraha and rap by bohemia.

Meanwhile, the film is going to release worldwide on 25th November, 2022 in theatres.

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