A Journey of 5 lives Depicting Countless Untold Stories of “Es Jahano Door Kitte-Chal Jindiye”; Movie Releasing on 24th March 2023

Chandigarh., 10th March 2023: A movie’s characters, in addition to its story and soundtrack, are crucial in conveying a narrative’s inner perception to the audience. Presented by Neeru Bajwa Entertainment and Ghaint Boys Entertainments and produced by Harry Kahlon, Kulwinder Billa and Santosh Subahsh Thite, the movie is a series of known but not talked-about stories in the upcoming movie “Es Jahano Door Kitte-Chal Jindiye,” which will be released on March 24, 2023.

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Directed by Uday Pratap Singh and written by Jagdeep Warring, the trailer of the film depicts actors Kulwinder Billa and Aditi Sharma, as individuals, who work hard from dusk to dawn to support their families back home and, in the process, encounter numerous issues that demolish their morale.

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Neeru Bajwa will be seen playing the role of a single mother to a young girl facing many issues in a foreign land as one of the sensitive stories in the movie, while Jass Bajwa is a powerless man who only wishes to return to his native land and feel the warmth of his mother, whom he was forced to leave as a child.

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Following this, in another facet of the story, Gurpreet Ghuggi and Rupinder Rupi are forced to live distressing life wherein their children treat them as “nobody.” They, therefore, wish to return to their village in Punjab to lead peaceful lives. In addition to these heartbreaking elements of the stories.The music in the film is presented under the label Vehli Janta Records and the background score of the film is given by Raju Singh. The film will be distributed Worldwide by Omjee Star Studios. Despite all the difficulties, the course of events binds these people’s lives together such that they support one another fiercely. The film captures an emotion that practically everyone who lives abroad experiences on a daily basis, rather than just telling a story.

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