A Star in Punjabi Music: “Taare” by Nadar Sandhu

The Punjabi music scene has been lit up with the release of a new song, “Taare”, by the talented artist Nadar Sandhu. The song, which features Sofia as the female lead, is a melodious blend of traditional Punjabi rhythms and contemporary beats, crafted by the music director Skywar. The lyrics, penned by Gifty, add depth to the song, making it resonate with listeners.

The production quality of “Taare” is top-notch, with the mix and mastering handled by Arron from LA Studio. The music video, filmed by FriendlyCreations Canada, is a visual treat. Directed by Kamal Kahlon, with Raminder Lakhan as the Director of Photography, the video beautifully complements the song. The editing and color correction by Parvez enhance the overall aesthetic of the video.

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The project, managed by Sourav Tandon, has been promoted by Tandon’s Digital, ensuring the song reaches a wide audience. The poster, designed by Pashu Arts, captures the essence of the song, piquing interest among music lovers. With the makeup done by Loveleen Kaur, the artists’ looks in the video are on point. “Taare” is indeed a shining addition to Punjabi music in 2024.

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