AAP MLA Amit Rattan Kotfatta Arrested by Vigilance Bureau, Sanctioned by Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann

On Thursday, the Vigilance Bureau arrested Amit Rattan Kotfatta, the Bathinda Rural MLA of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Punjab. The arrest came after Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann sanctioned it on Wednesday night, following the forensic examination of an audio recording submitted by the complainant, which proved that the voice in the recording was that of the MLA.

Sources in the government confirmed that the CM had made it clear on Wednesday night that Kotfatta had to be arrested as he was bringing a “bad name to the party.” The CM had reportedly given indications about the possible arrest to his cabinet colleagues in a meeting held on Tuesday, where he had advised them to refrain from appointing their close relatives or friends as PAs or OSDs, as they could land a political person in trouble.

Video Source – The Tribune

The arrest of the AAP MLA has caused a stir in the political circles, with opposition parties making jibes against the ruling party. However, sources say that a few weeks ago, when the CM was on an official visit to Bathinda, locals had complained to him about the MLA seeking graft. The CM had then asked his close aides to inquire into the case, and the allegations levelled by the locals were found to be substantive.

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This incident highlights the need for political parties to maintain transparency and integrity in their functioning, as corruption and unethical practices can harm their reputation and credibility. The CM’s decision to sanction the arrest of the MLA shows that the party is committed to upholding the rule of law and taking action against any wrongdoing, even if it involves its own members.

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