Aaveera Singh Masson Becomes Brand Ambassador for Luxury Car Perfume Brand “Involve Your Senses”

Acclaimed North Region actress, Aaveera Singh Masson, has been appointed as the brand ambassador of ‘Involve Your Senses’, the luxury car perfume brand by Canopy Essence Pvt Ltd. Renowned for her enchanting performances in Punjabi music albums, Aaveera is now associating her name with the automotive industry, actively promoting “Involve Your Senses” across multiple media platforms.

Involve Your Senses, known for transforming ordinary drives into unforgettable experiences, has a rich history of 13 years and outstanding associations with Hollywood films, such as the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise and ‘Men in Black’, and esteemed channels like National Geographic.

Aaveera expressed her excitement and motivation about the new partnership, “I feel honoured that they have chosen me and have faith in me. It’s a long relationship that I have with the brand and I hope to make this a lifelong relationship,” she stated. Reflecting on her experience with the product, she added, “It was so high quality and it lived up to what they wanted me to promote. This product is just a game-changer.”


The talented actress has a wide reach in the North Indian entertainment industry. Her versatile acting skills and magnetic presence have earned her a substantial fan following. Aaveera is now lending her charm and influence to “Involve Your Senses”, a brand specializing in premium car perfume, air fresheners, and car accessories.


Aaveera’s association with the brand has a special significance, promising to redefine the driving experience for those who appreciate premium scents during their travels. She is introducing the brand to her vast fan base and followers via her social media platforms, adding a personal touch and credibility to the brand.

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