Action-Packed Film”Snowman” Finally Punjabi Cinema Did Something Different, Review Inside

As we all know Trailer of the Movie ‘Snowman’ is out on 18th November and today on 2nd December the film is released in cinemas. In the Punjabi industry, we usually watch Romantic, Action, Drama and comedy films but if talk about this movie it is different from all other movies because it is a mixture of crime and action genres and also a murder story which is done by Snowman but no one knows who is the real Snowman in a whole film. let’s talk about this film in detail.


DIRECTION- The film Snowman is directed by Aman Khatkar who is well known for his movies, Mirza, Angrej, Juda hoke Bhi and so many others. As he directed and produces many movies like them this one is also so good, the direction and supervision done by Aman are quite Impressive. In every movie, the actor’s director also plays an essential role so his direction in this film is fabulous. The movie is shot in Canada and there was snow all over the area, still, the view seems very attractive.

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STORY- No doubt the Story of this film is different from other Punjabi movies because it is a combination of crime and action genre, there is not any romantic or comedy scene seen in the whole story, just many people want to take revenge on the snowman, as he kills many masses. Moreover, it is interesting to see who is a snowman in this movie, it is a twist for you all, so the overall story of this movie is good.

BGM AND SONGS-In this movie there are almost 4 songs named Challa, Din Sohna, Dhokkhe Ne, and Jatt Boldw which are sung by Gippy Grewal, Jazzy B, Hashmat Sultana and Mann K while music is done by Jay and Bhinda Aujla. The songs of this movie are favourable and apply According to the scene where the scene fades, sub-songs are placed there and make the movie more interesting.

VISUALS-Visuals make any movie more charismatic because Visuals make any unreal thing look real, so if the visuals of the movie are enhanced, then watching the movie will be more fun. so if we talk about visuals in this movie visuals are so impressive and just everything looks like existing.

DIALOGUES AND ACTING-The main Starrer of this film are Neeru Bajwa, Rana Ranbir, Jazzy B, and Arshi Khatkar. Neeru Bajwa is just fascinating like her other movies in this movie too she did her job in a very good way, she plays the role of the girl whose husband is also killed by Snowman so, she did her acting and dialogues in a very good way .on the other hand, Jazzy B also plays the role of policeman and he did his acting in too much impressive way, Talking about Rana Ranbir, his acting was fantastic in this film as well while Arshi Khatakar will impress everyone again with his acting.

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so overall the movie is very nice and hope like us you also enjoy this movie a lot,Sirfpanjabiyat give this movie 4.2 stars out of 5

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