After Long Time Navaan Sandhu Announced His “Relentless” Ep , Tracklist Inside

Here we would like to talk about a famous Punjabi singer, Luricost and composer Navvan Sandhu who is well known for his songs Hirni, taaz, dead made, plug talk so many others.his first debut song was In Demand and now he is come us with their new album named “relentless”.

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In his album there are four songs hood famous, example, done talking and dead mangde and on 27th of January, this album will be released.Navvan Sandhu is a very famous singer who always comes up with new songs and music and people liked him a lot.

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After a long time, he launches a new album and his fans are also excited about their new album because his other songs are very famous on 27 January his album will come which will also be loved by their fans.

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