All About Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan His Punjabi Character’s & Helping Donation Houses , Birthday Special , Details Inside

Today is the birthday of Bollywood star Salman Khan, he was born on 27 December,1965. He is one of the biggest celebrities of Bollywood film Industry. He even received numerous film awards for his acting skills.

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For almost more than a decade Salman khan has been hosting biggest reality show ever “Big Boss”. He have fans among the whole world, he rules the heart of people through his acting skills and his famous hit movies people still love to watch such as Hum apke hai kaun, hum sath sath hain, Baagwan, Biwin no.1 and many more.

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Salman khan is extremely kind hearted, he also visited to Punjab in 2018 for his “Bharat” movie’s shoot. Salman Khan had distributed around 200 bicycles among street kids during the shooting of Dabangg, in 2010. He even have his own foundation ‘being human’, people cheer him for that. They have lots of respect for him for his kind charitable acts.

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Happy birthday to Salman Khan from our Sirf Panjabiyat team, we wish him more luck and success in his life.

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