All About Daljeet Kaur Who Has Forgotten Her Own Contribution To Punjabi Cinema

Punjabas popular actress Diljit Kaur is now not with us due to some health issues she died in Sudhaar bazaar today morning. She is also known as the ‘Queen of Punjabi industry. At a young age, she was a Punjabi celebrity who works in many movies not only in Punjabi movies but also did 10 Hindi movies and she has did work in more than 100 Punjabi movies .moreover she was one of the very popular and fabulous actresses her time.

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if I talk about his films she did many movies like Mamla Gadbadd Hi, Saidah Jogan, Batwara, Ki Banu Duniya Da, Sarpanch, Patola, Sheran De putt Sher, Ishq Nimaana, Nimmo, Heer Ranjha Singh vs Kaur and so many others. however, he also did work with Hindi actors like sunny Deol in movie’Dakait’, with Rishi Kapoor and did almost 10 Hollywood movies.

Daljit Kaur was born in the Siliguri State of West Bengal . But his family lived in district Ludhiana, Punjab .his father wants her to become a doctor but she wanted to start her carrier in acting so she started taking classes in acting,afterthat she did his first short movie ‘Bonga ‘. He was also a national player in kabaddi and Hockey.

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She is a very famous and popular actress and now she is not with us for the last few time she suffered from some health issues, even her mind gets disturbed and she forgot everything about his past and today she is not with us may her body get rest in peace.

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