All About Gifty His Songs , Carrier , Lifestyle , Details Inside

Let’s talk about Gifty the famous writer in punjabi music industry, who gave amazing songs to music industry which people loved and support.

If we talk about the nature of Gifty, it is said that he is a reserved person who love to being alone in solitude. And that’s the reason that he can write amazing songs. Well everyone got their secret and here’s Gifty’s secret.

Moreover, he wrote songs such as parshawan sung by harnoor, it was a hit song, jatta, Jaan by Nimrat khaira, and more. Basically he writes songs for Harnoor and we all know he is a vibe in punjabi music industry.

We got to know the story behind his Song Parshawan that is sung by Harnoor. How he found the hook line for this song, he went on his roof, he saw his shadow and that’s how he wrote this whole song, people expect beautiful songs from Gifty.

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