All About Jaggi Amargarh His Songs , Lifestyle, Carrier , Birthday Special , Details Inside

Today is the birthday of Jaggi Amargrah, whenever someone say the name of village Amargarh people always think about Jaggi Amargarh and his big brother Heera, as Heera international group is already famous in whole world. Jaggi Amargarh was born on 20 January.He basically well known in punjabi entertainment industry because of his live performances.

He have worked with many singer such as Singaa, Afsana khan and more. One more thing is that he is a close friend of Honey singh and Alfaaz as they three have seen together many times. In addition, Jaggi Amargarh have also great links with great people in politics.

Moreover, the songs he have worked in are great quality such as Sri nagar wali with Afsana Khan, Escobar with Singaa, Bai Shadd de and many more.

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Happy birthday to Jaggi Amargarh from our sirf panjabiyat team, we wish them more success and happiness in coming future.

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