All About Music Director Chet Singh And Song Car Naar From Series #PlusHundred

Every individual is born with some different talent, Someone is good at studies while another one wants to become a singer or model if we talk about our Punjabi industry so many talented people play an essential role to upgraded the Punjabi industry and music. Here we would like to talk about ‘Chet Singh’the music director who give wings to many songs.

Chet Singh did work on many songs like Sana Panesar’s songs Haan’Ne, Time Chahida, Gurnam Bhullar’s song Kabil, Lutt Lai Gaya by Ranjit Bawa and so many others which are very popular among the audience.

Not only he directed songs but also he did feature in songs like Rumour and even sang songs.

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on 25th November his new song Car Naar will be released which is sung by Chet Singh, Lyricist and Composer by Bunty Bains, Music is also done by Chet Singh and conceptualized by Amanpreet Kaur Bains and Prabh Bains, moreover, it is an episode of ‘The Second Batch’.hope like us you are also waiting for the song.

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