All About Tehzeeb Hafi Poetry And Carrier , Details Inside

मैं उस से ये तो नहीं कह रहा जुदा न करेमगर वो कर नहीं सकता तो फिर कहा न करेवो जैसे छोड़ गया था मुझे उसे भी कभीख़ुदा करे कि कोई छोड़ दे ख़ुदा न करे.

Tahzeeb Hafi, a poet with a new style and beautiful accent, was born on December 5, 1989. in Retra, Tehsil Taunsa Sharif. He studied his Masters in urdu from Bahawalpur University after doing software engineering from Mehran University, and is nowadays based in Lahore.

He is a simple, kind and innocent human just like his poetry. Tehzeeb Hafi’s always touches hearts of people mostly lovers with the magic of words he uses, which always maintains the relationship between listeners and readers. He is very famous among young generation.

Our Sirf Panjabiyat team wishes him happy returns of the day and always hold onto this amazing talent.

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