All About Versatile Punjabi Lyricist, Composer, and Producer Bunty Bains .

Today marks the birthday of the acclaimed Punjabi lyricist, composer, and producer Bunty Bains. Born on 20th April 1987, Bains has become a household name in the Punjabi Music Industry, renowned for his powerful lyrics and soul-stirring compositions.

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Hailing from Village Dhanetha in Patiala, Punjab, Bunty Bains started writing songs as early as the 9th standard while attending Government Public School. Known for his unwavering determination, Bains shared his dream of becoming a music producer like Gulshan Kumar during a school activity, a goal he has since realized.

Bains’ journey in the music industry began in Mohali, where he worked at a music record label to financially support himself while pursuing his passion. Over the years, Bains has written songs for nearly every artist in the Punjabi industry, launching the careers of talented singers such as Jenny Johal, Jordan Sandhu, Ranjit Bawa, Gitaz Bindrakhia, and Kaur B.

Some of his most popular songs include “Mitran De Boot” by Jazzy B, “Yaari Jatti Di” by Jenny Johal, “Heavy Weight Bhangra,” “Sucha Soorma,” “Chete Kareya,” “Classmate,” “Dhillon Da Munda,” and many more. These chart-topping hits have solidified Bains’ reputation as a versatile and talented lyricist, composer, and producer.

In addition to his illustrious career in the music industry, Bunty Bains is also venturing into film production. He is currently working on the Punjabi movie “Boota Te Babli,” produced under his own production company, Bunty Bains Production.

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In 2021, Bains released the album “Boo Bhabhiye,” featuring 11 new artists. The album’s music was composed by Chet Singh and produced under the Brand B record label.

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On a personal note, Bunty Bains is married to Amanpreet Kaur, and together they have two daughters, Jaanvi Kaur and Jasneh Kaur. As we celebrate his birthday today, we wish Bunty Bains continued success and look forward to his future contributions to the Punjabi music and film industries.

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