Aman Aujla Ramps Up Controversy with Upcoming Diss Track ‘Badnseeb’ Against NseeB

The Punjabi music scene is getting heated up with Youtuber Aman Aujla’s latest move, as he announced the release of his upcoming diss track, ‘Badnseeb’, aimed squarely at Punjabi rapper NseeB. The ongoing controversy, which is now a major talking point, has its roots in an interview given by NseeB a fortnight ago.

In his recent interview, NseeB had brought up past conflicts with the late Punjabi music star, Sidhu Moosewala. The duo, who were once on the same track ‘Old Skool’, found themselves embroiled in a verbal feud in the latter days of Sidhu’s life. Sidhu’s last track, ‘Levels’, was reportedly filled with counterpoints to NseeB’s comments.

NseeB’s interview and his version of events did not sit well with many of Sidhu’s fans, and among them was Aman Aujla, the popular YouTuber and roaster. In response to NseeB’s comments, Aman took to his Instagram to publicize his audio chat with NseeB, voicing his criticism. The contention soon escalated as Aujla followed it up with a roast video targeted at NseeB on his YouTube channel, further stoking the fire.

Now, in the latest development, Aujla has unveiled the poster for his upcoming diss track ‘Badnseeb’ on his social media accounts, implying it to be a direct rebuttal to NseeB. While the official release date for the track has not been disclosed yet, it is slated to drop soon. The track has its lyrics penned by Manu Ramgharia and music produced by S7VEN.

Fans of both artists are watching this unfolding drama with bated breath, as it only seems to be intensifying with time. Whether this feud will subside or further escalate with the release of ‘Badnseeb’, only time will tell. One thing is certain: the Punjabi music scene has been stirred up, adding a new dynamic to its vibrant culture.

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