Aman Aujla’s ‘Retro’: A Timeless Symphony of Nostalgia and Modern Rhythms

Aman Aujla, the prodigious musical talent, has once again graced our playlists with his new single “Retro”, a title that promises nostalgia and memories of a bygone era, and Aujla doesn’t disappoint. With the collaboration of Music S7ven, the artist behind some of Aujla’s previous hits, and the visionary direction of Harneetya for the music video, “Retro” hits all the right notes and then some.

1. Musical Composition:

“Retro” starts with a delicate interplay of old-school harmonies, echoing back to the classics of the past. However, as the beat progresses, it’s clear that this is no mere nostalgic trip. Music S7ven incorporates contemporary rhythms and drops, bridging the gap between yesterday and today. It’s a harmonious blend of yesteryears’ melodies with today’s beats, appealing to both the old soul and the modern maverick.

2. Lyrics and Vocals:

Aman Aujla’s voice has always had that unique texture – a blend of passion, grit, and soul. In “Retro”, he explores themes of love, loss, and memories, taking us on a journey down memory lane. His lyrical prowess shines as he masterfully paints imagery of past romances and youthful adventures. The song’s chorus, especially, is catchy and is bound to be a sing-along favorite in no time.

3. Music Video Direction:

Harneetya’s direction for the “Retro” music video complements the song’s theme perfectly. The video oscillates between sepia-tinted scenes from the past and vibrant, colorful representations of the present. The seamless transitions between eras are a testament to Harneetya’s skill and vision. The choreography, set designs, and costumes are meticulously chosen, ensuring that the viewer is transported through time with Aujla as our guide.

4. Collaboration with Music S7ven:

The collaboration between Aman Aujla and Music S7ven has already borne fruit in the past, and “Retro” is another feather in their cap. Music S7ven’s understanding of Aujla’s voice and the story he wants to tell is evident. The music producer takes risks, blending old-school instruments with electronic beats, but it pays off beautifully.


“Retro” by Aman Aujla is more than just a song; it’s an experience. It’s a testament to the idea that while times change, emotions and memories remain timeless. With top-notch production, soulful lyrics, and a beautifully directed video, “Retro” is set to be another massive hit for Aujla and his team. It’s not just a nod to the past but also a celebration of the present and future. In a world where trends come and go, “Retro” feels both timeless and timely.

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