Amar Noorie: A Shining Star of the Punjabi Entertainment Industry

Amar Noorie, an iconic singer and actress in the Punjabi entertainment industry, has made her mark with her exceptional talent and performances. Noorie has earned acclaim not just for her melodious voice and unique singing style, but also for her versatile acting skills that have seen her in numerous Punjabi films and television series.

Born on 23rd May 1967 in the village of Rangeelpur, Ropar District in Punjab, India, Noorie’s journey in the world of music began at a tender age of nine. Her father, Roshan Sagar, himself a singer, played an instrumental role in shaping her early career in music. The professional arena beckoned her early on as she started singing with the renowned Punjabi singer Didar Sandhu in 1981. Demonstrating her prowess and dedication, she made her first recording at the remarkable young age of just 13.

The year 1986 marked a significant turn in Noorie’s personal and professional life. It was during this time she met the notable Punjabi singer, Sardool Sikander. Together, they not only created enchanting melodies that resonated with the Punjabi music lovers, but they also found in each other life partners. The duo got married in 1993 and continued to charm their audience with their harmonious duets.

Noorie’s passion for the arts was not confined to music alone. She ventured into acting, demonstrating a versatility that further solidified her position in the Punjabi entertainment industry. In 1988, Noorie got her first major acting break in the landmark television series “Eho Hamara Jeevna”.

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Directed by Gurbir Singh Grewal, the series was based on a novel by Dalip Kaur Tiwana, and it gave Noorie an excellent platform to showcase her acting abilities. She played significant roles in various Punjabi films thereafter, earning her wide recognition and acclaim.

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Amar Noorie’s contributions to Punjabi music and cinema have been invaluable. Through her profound talent and relentless hard work, she has carved out a unique space for herself in the Punjabi entertainment industry. Her journey, from a young singer to an acclaimed actress, is a testament to her dedication to her craft and her love for the art of entertainment.

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