Amazon Unveils Way To Pay With Just Your Hand In Stores , Video Inside

Nowadays technology is a boon for people and with the advancement, one can able to do anything. However, this is news for you all Amazon announced a new feature in which customers can pay by scanning their palms. A video of it has also been shared.

Amazon uses biometric technology that connects a user’s palm scan to their credit card. it is a quick and easy way of payment in which we just have to enter a venue or identity yourself.In some parts of the US amazon is offering a unique shopping experience the company scanned devices and part of the service called Amazon one.It is so a good method of payment and one can easily do transactions also a video has been shared .

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Amazon is a powerful retail player both online and offline. Amazon is expected to claim nearly 40% of the e-commerce market this year and has made significant inroads into the brick-and-mortar retail space with its slew of Go stores, Whole Foods locations, 4-star stores and Amazon Books locations, along with a new chain of Fresh grocery stores. 

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