Amrit Maan’s EP ‘Global Warning’ Soars High on Apple Music India and Canada Charts

Punjabi music sensation Amrit Maan’s latest EP ‘Global Warning’ has made impressive strides on both Apple Music India and Canada charts. The highly anticipated EP has secured the 4th spot on Apple Music India charts and stands at 6th on the Canada charts.

‘Global Warning’ showcases Maan’s unique blend of energetic rhythms and lyrical prowess. The album has resonated with fans across the globe, making a notable impact on international music charts soon after its release. The chart-topping positions in two significant markets – India and Canada – bear testament to the Punjabi artist’s growing global popularity and the universal appeal of his music.

This latest success adds another feather to Amrit Maan’s already impressive cap. Known for his distinctive style and impactful lyrics, Maan’s music consistently strikes a chord with his audience. His ability to craft captivating musical narratives has led him to become a revered figure in the Punjabi music industry.

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As ‘Global Warning’ continues to climb the charts, it’s clear that Amrit Maan has once again hit the right notes with his fans. The record’s impressive performance on Apple Music India and Canada charts is indicative of his widening international appeal and growing fanbase.

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It serves as yet another reminder of the artist’s undeniable talent and the increasing global influence of Punjabi music. With ‘Global Warning,’ Maan continues to elevate the landscape of Punjabi music, proving that his artistry knows no boundaries.

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