Amritpal Singh is Getting Married to a UK-based NRI Pyara Singh’s Daughter Kirandeep Kaur with Sikh rituals

Amritpal Singh, the pro khalistani leader and waris de chef is getting married. He will marry Kiran deep kaur daugh of UK-based NRI Pyaara Singh, tomorrow, according to Sikh rituals.

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As per the report, we will be getting married on the 10 of February. also according to the source, the marriage is in the Nakodar, but the information is not divulged too much. even on his wife, there is also not too much information.

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Amritpal Singh is a supporter of Khalistan and on September 29, 2022, he become president of “ waris Punjab de “. This is the organisation which was held by the late actor and singer Deep Sidhu who died in a road accident and this organization aims to raise social issues and protect the right of Punjab.

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So we the team of sirf Punjabiyat wish him congrats on his wedding with Kirandeep Kaur.

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