Animal Welfare Board of India’s letter urging people to observe ‘Cow Hug Day’ on Valentine’s Day goes viral

February is known for the days of lovebird when couples celebrated rose day, propose day and so many other days to represent their love and there is a valentine’s day on the 14th of February. but on that day the public celebrated this in a unique way where there is also a cow hug day.The animal welfare board of India has to tell the audience to pay interest on 14 February because on that day they celebrated “cow hug day” to spread happiness and positivity among the people.

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The welfare board issued the notice to the department of husbandry and dairying. the people who loved cows have to celebrate this with their cows, as it is also known as mother cows and in some religions the people priest them.Also hugging the cows gives emotional richness. so let’s celebrate cow hug day on thr valentine’s day 14 Th February .

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