Anmol Kwatra of Ek Zaria NGO Graced with Esteemed TEDx Honor

In a commendable acknowledgment of dedication and social impact, Anmol Kwatra, the visionary behind the Ek Zaria NGO, has been honored with an award by the globally renowned TEDx Company.

Ek Zaria, under Kwatra’s spirited leadership, has been at the forefront of numerous humanitarian projects, touching countless lives and making a tangible difference in communities. The NGO’s unyielding commitment to positive change and community empowerment has now garnered attention on an international platform.

TEDx, an offshoot of the globally recognized TED organization, is known for shedding light on innovative ideas and transformative leaders across various domains. Bestowing Anmol Kwatra with this honor not only validates Ek Zaria’s commendable work but also underscores the importance of grassroots organizations in bringing about societal shifts.

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