AP Dhillon Makes History With First Punjabi Performance At Juno Awards

As we all know famous singer and rapper Amritpal Singh Dhillon who well known by his name Ap Dhillon. he is well known for his song Brown Munde, Desires, excuses, Insane and so many others.there are many fans following famous singer Ap Dhillon. so there is news for his fans that Ap Dhillon becomes the first-ever Punjabi artist to perform at Juno Award.

Indo-Canadian singer AP Dhillon rocked the stage at the 2023 Juno award. Dhillon won the heart of thousands of people when he sang a song crowd cheered and hooted. when Dhillon started singing his song “summer high” everyone just loved to listen to this song.

before his performance, he said that “performing at the Juno award is a feeling you can’t buy with any money. he said that he moved to Canada in 2015 with “ two suitcases and a dream” and if he can change 5-10 lives it is worth it.AP sang many songs like excuses, brown munde, insane and summer high topping charts on Apple Music and Spotify all over the world. he performed in a crowd of over 13000 people.

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so it is big news for our Punjabi industry and we the team of Sirf Punjabiyat wish him a congratulation on his success .

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