Arjan Dhillon On Hommie Call Video Controversy

Arajn Dhillon released his new Album including 12 songs, songs are 25-25, Its my time, memory Lane, Tha krke, Hazur, Hommie call, Janu janu, Fantasy, Munde pindan de, Drunk Arjan, Rafal and Maharani Jinda’n. All these songs are a hit in punjabi music industry, his fans are really satisfied with the efforts of Arjan Dhillon.

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Firstly, whole album was released with the audio songs, One after one the videos of these songs are releasing. While, Arjan and his team recently released the video of song “homie calls”. However, this video faced a lot of criticism, after which his team decided to remove the video of “ homie calls” from youtube and decided to remake it. The chat of youtuber Daman and Arjan dhillon is leaked in which Arjan promised to delete the video and do it again.Arjan dhillon’s other songs are on trending as usual. And audience is eagerly waiting for the “homie calls” new video.

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