ARTIST LIFE IS NOT EASY : Jobanpreet Singh

Joban Preet is a gem artist who have the capabilities to transform himself into any given role. His Debut movie is SAAK. His appearance in the “Saak” movie was so amazing. As everyone starts from somewhere Joban also did many side roles in multiple movies. But very few people know about the difficult times in his recent time. Where Joban’s career was on top and suddenly he had a head injury on January 1, 2020.

Joban Surfferd this pain for 4months Which make him mentally depressed. He Mentioned in an exclusive talk that he was locked in a room and this injury affected his brain to such an extent that he could forget to walk and eat.He did not talk to any of his family and friends at this time and fought the disease with all his confidence. He tried his best and never gave up hope even he locked himself in his room/bathroom and he started writing “I’m the best”, “I am great “, “I am god’s blessed child ” on the wall.

At that time, he started meditating which start curing his body and making him mentally positive. It took him 4 to 5 months to recover from this injury.After he recovered very well. Joban shoot the “Kikli” Movie and today he has taken his career to the same height again. We also had some photos and videos of Joban’s recovery during the injury which we are mentioning below.

We think this whole scenario shows that Apart from knowing what type of Car or property an actor has in his personal Life, We should more know about how much struggle they face in their life. We salute Joban’s spirit as we see how he did his best not to let this time overwhelm him.


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