Assaulted by Hyundai Employes.

A couple of days ago, a video by Arun Panwar became viral on the Internet. The video claimed that the staff of Hyundai service entre beat up the customer who reached there to service the Hyundai Creta. In the new video released, they claim that they have got justice and the whole staff of the Hyundai service centre was fired.According to the new video, the owner of the JMV Hyundai came to the service centre to know the matter. After the video of the incident became viral and many other new videos came out in support, the owner of the service centre came to the city and apologised to the owner.According to the video, the owner fired all the staff in the service centre. However, we are not sure if the police took any action against the culprits and booked them under any law.
However, the video claims that they are happy with the resolution provided by the service centre and the police. They have also said that the service centre repaired their vehicle and they are not facing any kind of trouble and problems with the car.The previous video claimed that the owner of the Creta – Ajit Singh reached the dealership to get his car serviced. Ajit was waiting in the service centre and posted a story online. After a couple of minutes, the staff walked into the room in large numbers and started beating them. They were facing problems with the car and had put a video online explaining the same.


The Hyundai dealership asked the owner to remove the video from the channel after the issue was resolved by the service centre. JVM Hyundai complained against Ajit. However, Ajit did not remove the video and new problems in his car came out.The video also claims that the staff at Hyundai shattered their phones with bricks and did not let them call anyone. Somehow, they managed to call the police who reached the spot and shifted Ajit to hospital. The entire incident was caught on CCTV but the footage is not out yet.There are often complaints about unruly staff at the dealerships across various manufacturers. A few years ago, a dealership of Jeep in Delhi was involved in a similar incident where the customer was beaten by the staff. The manufacturers do not own the dealerships but they do have the right to cancel the dealership’s license.

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