Attack On Alfaaz : Honey Singh Shared An Image & Warned Those Who Plan It

We are still struggling from the loss of Punjabi Music Industry’s legend Sidhu Moosewala and what happens to him. Still police is investigating for this case and putting criminals behind the bars.

The attack on sidhu is unbearable and after that whole music industry is trying to protect themselves.

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But now one more incident happened where Punjabi Singer Alfaaz was Attacked and he is in serious condition. Bollywood & Pollywood Singer Honey singh shared a picture of alfaaz on his social media in which alfaaz seems in critical condition. He is in hospital and got various injuries.

While sharing his Picture honey singh mentioned that ‘My brother Alfaaz got attacked last night. Who ever planned this Mother fucker, I won’t let you go!! Trust my words !! Everyone please pray for him’.

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After this attack punjabi Industry is in Shock Again. We are Praying for his wellness and health. And hope that police catches culprits behind this attack as soon as possible.

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