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The Punjabi industry is growing day by day and with advancement, the way of presenting Punjabi films is also changing, like Bollywood now people also like to watch more Pollywood movies. Usually, we saw romantic, drama, action and comedy movies but now the movie which is released by the industry is related to the freedom of India. The name of the film is Baaghi Di Dhee.

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ABOUT MOVIE- The movie is based on a freedom fighter who did too much struggle to make our India free from foreigners. It tells the story of the background of the Gadar movement during the Indian freedom struggle. The movie starts with the revolutionary house where a man writes poems to awaken the Indians. Also, the girl Dilroop Kaur who plays the role of Baghi di Dhee wrote poems for his father and also wants to become a freedom fighter like their parents.

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The DIRECTION-The film is directed by Mukesh Gautam who is the father of Yami Gautam, she also promoted his father’s film and even put the status of the poster of Baagi di dhee .he is also a famous director who directed many films like Ek Noor, and Akhiyyan Udeekdian and also has created docudramas on the life and contributions of Baba Sheikh Farid, Baba Bulleh Shah, Waris Shah and many others. however, the direction of movies is soo good and fascinating.

ACTORS AND ACTING- Main Starrer of this movie are Dilroop Kaur, Kuljinder Singh Sidhu, Gurpreet Bhangu and Vaquar Shaikh, all playing their roles in a very impressive way. if we talk about acting that is also just superb, all play their character in heart touching way and the actress Dilroop Kaur is very young but her acting is mind-blowing.

The story of this movie is written by Giani Gurmukh Singh Musafir who is a well-known writer and poet whose writing became profile following the massacre of Jallaiwala Bagh when he wrote about its Indian national struggle, moreover this film is also a part of their writing.

SONGS AND BGM-there. are not too many songs in this film, in starting there is a song Jazbey by Bir Singh and the second one is Dulle di Vaar by Sukhi Idu Sharif which is too much liked by people and it comes to the story most required moment and makes the film more interesting, moreover, Background music is also so majestic.

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IN CONCLUSION – the film is very nice and also a family film where. we learn about our ancestors, I think no one knows many things about the GADARS, but after watching this movie we can know about our history that what our Sikhs, did for our nation, so go and watch this movie, surely like us you also liked this movie a lot

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