Batch 2013: Hardeep Grewal Unrevealed New Poster Of His Upcoming Film

Hardeep Grewal has always amazed the audience with the updates of his upcoming film ‘Batch 2013’. The film which has been challenging for Hardeep is all set to hit the theatres in a couple of days. And the makers are making all the efforts to amuse the audience. First with the poster then the teaser and then dropping every look of the artist.  

Once again, Hardeep and his team have dropped another captivating poster that piques the interest of the fans. In his latest Instagram post, Hardeep has shared a well-maintained look of him. This look indicates him after he joined the force. His never seen avatar has already raised excitement and tugs the heartstrings of all the girls out there. And now with the poster, we are sure that Hardeep is leaving no stone unturned to mark the movie’s name in our hearts and minds. 

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Speaking about the movie “Batch 2013,” its creators have already created buzz by releasing an intriguing teaser. The film also stars Hashneen Chauhan, Neeta Mohindra, Harinder Bhullar, Preet Bhullar, and a number of other actors in addition to Hardeep Grewal. The movie, which was directed by Garry Khatrao, will debut on September 9. Meanwhile, the movie’s effort to join the force is implied by the movie’s poster and teaser.

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