Best Music Video Till Now In Punjabi Industry? Rupan Bal’s New Track With Karan Aujla

Rupan Bal whom we know as Punjabi Music Video director. They have earned so much name in their work that in today’s videos, the most unique work can be seen in their videos. Karan Aujla’s Gangsta songs and Haan Haige Haan songs and many song videos have been done by him and recently Rupan Bal posted a story on his social media.

rubam 4

In which he wrote that Karan Aujla’s upcoming music video will be the most different and this type of music video will never be made in the Punjabi industry. Along with this, he tagged his partner Dilpreet VFx and Rupan this story. Curiosity increased among Fans those who Loved Karan Aujla .

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