Bhagwant Mann condemns arrest of Amritpal Singh’s associates in Punjab

In a recent statement, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann expressed his deep concern and condemnation over the arrest of several associates of Amritpal Singh in Punjab. Amritpal Singh is a well-known social activist who has been working tirelessly to expose corruption and injustice in the state.

Mann stated that the arrests were a clear attempt to suppress dissent and stifle voices of opposition in the state. He further added that it was unacceptable to target those who were working towards the betterment of society and fighting against corruption.

The Chief Minister also demanded a thorough investigation into the matter and urged the police to act in a fair and impartial manner. He emphasized the need for upholding the democratic values of free speech and the right to dissent.

The arrest of Amritpal Singh’s associates has sparked widespread outrage in the state, with many activists and civil society organizations condemning the move as an attack on the freedom of expression. They have also raised concerns about the growing trend of criminalizing dissent in the country.

In conclusion, Bhagwant Mann’s statement is a strong message to the authorities to respect the rights of citizens to express their opinions and work towards a better society. It is hoped that the government will take note of the growing public

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