Bizarre Discovery: Doctors Retrieve Assorted Objects from Man’s Stomach After 3-Hour Surgery

In a startling medical revelation, a 40-year-old man from Moga underwent a three-hour surgery during which doctors made a peculiar discovery inside his stomach. The operation unearthed a collection of unusual items, including earphones, a rakhi, nuts and bolts, washers, lockets, screws, and various other objects that had accumulated over time.

The patient had been grappling with a persistent stomach problem for an astonishing two years before finally seeking medical attention. His symptoms, which included excruciating stomach pain, fever, and frequent vomiting, prompted him to visit the hospital for urgent intervention.

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Upon examination, doctors quickly realized that the root cause of the man’s distress was far from ordinary. It became evident that an assortment of foreign objects had somehow made their way into his stomach, creating a potentially life-threatening situation.

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