BJP Unveils ‘Congress Files’ Series, Accuses Opposition of Corruption Worth Trillions

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) launched a scathing attack on the opposition Congress party by releasing the first episode of ‘Congress Files’ on Sunday. This series aims to highlight the alleged corruption that took place during the Congress party’s tenure in power. The BJP tweeted from its official Twitter handle, “The first episode of Congress Files, see how one after the other corruption and scams took place under the Congress rule.”In a video message titled “Congress means corruption,” the BJP accused the Congress party of looting a staggering Rs. 48,20,69,00,00,000 from the public during its 70 years of rule. The ruling party contended that this massive sum of money could have been utilized for numerous areas of development and security. Instead, they claim it was misused by the Congress, leading to a lack of progress and widespread corruption in the country.

The BJP’s video message went on to outline a series of high-profile scams, including the 2G spectrum allocation scandal, the coal allocation scam, and the Commonwealth Games scam, among others. By drawing attention to these events, the BJP aims to establish a narrative that links the Congress party to corruption and financial mismanagement.At the end of the video message, the BJP warned, “This is only the jhanki (trailer) of Congress’ corruption, the movie is still not over.” This statement suggests that more episodes of ‘Congress Files’ will be released in the future, possibly revealing further instances of alleged corruption under Congress rule.The release of ‘Congress Files’ comes amid a period of heightened political rivalry between the BJP and the Congress party, as both sides gear up for upcoming state and national elections. The BJP’s latest move is likely an attempt to damage the Congress party’s reputation and build public support for its own anti-corruption stance.


While the Congress party has yet to issue an official response to the allegations presented in ‘Congress Files,’ it is expected that they will strongly refute the charges and accuse the BJP of political mudslinging. With both parties locked in a fierce battle for the hearts and minds of Indian voters, the release of ‘Congress Files’ is sure to add fuel to an already heated political environment.

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