Booking Agent of Karan Aujla clarifies the artist has no connection with Lawrence or his brother at a wedding reception.

The Punjabi music industry is buzzing with rumors surrounding Karan Aujla and Lawrence’s brother after a video from a wedding reception went viral. However, the booking agent behind Aujla’s performance at the event, Ajinder Deo, has spoken up to clarify the situation. In an official statement, Deo emphasized that artists are simply booked to perform and are not aware of everyone’s presence at the event. He also urged the public to stop linking artists with individuals, as it can have serious consequences.

Earlier, both Karan Aujla and Sharry Maan had released statements denying any connection with Lawrence or his brother. Aujla clarified that he was at the reception on the demand of a common friend and was not aware of Lawrence’s brother’s presence. Deo’s statement further supports their claims and emphasizes the need to separate artists from the actions of individuals.

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While the incident has caused a stir on social media, it is important to remember that artists are simply performers who are not responsible for the actions of others. With this clarification from the booking agent, it is time to move past the rumors and focus on the music.

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