Brand B Launch New Artist Kavish Randhawa Ep” Stacked”

We got an exciting news for you guys, Brand B is introducing a new artist kevish Randhawa is a talented young boy himself. He is a student of 10 class, he’s hardworking and dedicated towards his work and he can Sing and produce at his very young age along his two new mates Mani Kumbh and Reet Uppal.

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So here they are, Bunty Bains is going to release kevish’s debut EP STACKED on his official YouTube channel #brandB. The songs are sung and produced by kavish Randhawa himself , lyricist and composers are Mani kumbh and Reet Uppal.Basically kevish, mani and Reet has released many songs beforehand such as Camouflage, Heeriye. Nevertheless, this is their official debut EP with Brand B.

Brand B which is all managed by Bunty Bains has introduced many artists in past years. However, this is the first time in the history that they are launching a 10th class student. Well, brand B always surprises people with their amazing way of working. Let’s wait for another pending surprises ahead.

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