Can You Get Jailed For Staring Woman For 14 Seconds Or More?

India is a diverse country where every religion people live together. however, Crime rates in India are also inclining at an alarming rate. Not only robbery but rap cases are also increasing. Owing to this our government also taking steps to decrease this crime ratio. but is everyone aware of the rules and regulations? Is girls are safe in our nation? let’s talk about this topic in detail.

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With advancement, the laws are also changed and we said upgraded, now there is more security for women in India if anyone sexually harassment with women they can file a case against that guy. secondly, it informs you that the new law is invented by the government that if any boy seeing the girl or women for more than 14 seconds can lead to jail. Because knowing or unknowingly or jokingly staring at a familiar or unfamiliar girl/woman for more than 14 seconds is a serious crime under sections 294 and 509 of the IPC. This case comes under molestation.

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This is also the responsibility of every girl/woman in society to know about all laws which are for women because if you are aware of everything no one can harm you. so be aware of each law that is for girl safety

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