Canadian PM Trudeau Reiterates Commitment to Freedom of Expression, Addresses Khalistani Movement Concerns with PM Modi

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently addressed the lingering concerns regarding the Khalistani Movement and “foreign interference” that have, at times, strained relations between India and Canada. In a candid conversation, Trudeau reflected on his discussions with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the years.

Trudeau emphasized, “Canada has always stood for independence,” underscoring the country’s unwavering commitment to the values of freedom of expression, conscience, and peaceful protest. While cherishing these tenets, he also pointed out that Canada remains steadfast in its approach to counter violence and combat hate.

The Canadian Prime Minister went on to stress the importance of recognizing the distinction between the actions of a few individuals and the broader community or the entire country. The comments were a subtle reminder not to let isolated incidents overshadow the ties between two nations or the perceptions of entire communities.

Additionally, Trudeau touched upon the topic of foreign interference, underscoring the mutual understanding between the two nations to respect the rule of law. The overarching message was clear: while Canada remains a fervent champion of individual freedoms, it is equally committed to maintaining peace, harmony, and respecting international norms.

This dialogue reaffirms the commitment of both countries to strengthen ties and address mutual concerns through open communication and understanding.

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