Censor Board Halts Release of ‘Sarabha’ in India, Director Kavi Raz Announces on Social Media

In an unexpected turn of events, the much-anticipated film ‘Sarabha’ will not grace the screens across India today, following a directive from the Censor Board. The announcement came as a shock to fans and the film fraternity alike, especially when the information was confirmed by the director of the movie, Kavi Raz, through his social media handles.

The film, which has been buzzing with excitement for its intriguing storyline and captivating visuals, has hit a roadblock that the makers did not foresee. The Censor Board’s decision to block the release of ‘Sarabha’ has raised eyebrows and questions about the reasons behind the sudden clampdown.

Kavi Raz, the visionary behind the project, took to his social media to express his disappointment and inform his followers of the current predicament. His post detailed the situation without divulging into the specifics of the Censor Board’s objections. The film industry and fans have rallied behind Raz, seeking clarity and expressing solidarity with the team of ‘Sarabha’.

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