“Chauffeur” Diljit Dosanjh x Tory Lanez Out Now

Diljit Dosanjh has become one of the most popular singers and artists in the world who is representing “Punjabizm” in every possible way . From Village Dosanjh(District Ludhiana) to Holywood Dilijt’s Journey is so impressive.

Now his song “Chauffeur” Has been released which is a collab with English rapper ToryLanes.

Song is released on Diljit Dosanjh’s own channel which is now digitally managed by the World-renowned “Warner Music Group”. The song is penned by Jang Singh Dhillon who is already got famed with “Jahagir di haveli” and finally “Ikky” the main man who already did several projects with Warner Music Group and Ikky did music in “Chauffer”………..And we think this project is possible just because of ikky.

“Chauffeur” Is one of the Hollywood collaborations that will be loved by the audience and thank god… team Dosanjh keeps the originality of Punjabi language and the rising standard of rising Pollywood.

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