Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann Orders Legal Action Against Attempted Occupancy of Punjabi Singer Gurlez Akhtar’s House in Faridkot District

Punjabi singer Gurlez Akhtar recently faced an attempted occupancy of her house in Faridkot district. The incident occurred while Gurlez’s mother was away to meet her in Ludhiana, leaving the house unattended. The perpetrators reportedly broke the gate beam and stole some goods while attempting to occupy the house. The incident came to light when Gurlez’s mother returned and filed a written complaint with the Faridkot SSP and Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann.

Taking cognizance of the matter, the Chief Minister’s Office has ordered immediate legal action against the accused. Gurlez’s mother had also filed a complaint with the police, but no action was taken. The Chief Minister has directed the authorities to ensure justice for the victim and bring the culprits to book.

Gurlez Akhtar is a well-known Punjabi singer who has made a name for herself with hits like “Jattan De Munde” and “Lethal Jatti.” She hails from Bandar Jatana village in Faridkot district, where her mother currently resides. The attempted occupancy of her house has raised concerns about the safety and security of public figures in the state.

The incident serves as a reminder of the need for adequate security measures to protect celebrities and their families from such incidents. The Chief Minister’s swift action in this matter is commendable and sends a strong message to those who think they can get away with such criminal acts.

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