Criminal Review : 5 Prisnors , 2 Innocents , 1 Apartment And lots of Suspence Thriller

Neeru Bajwa, Dheeraj kumar, Prince Kanwaljit and Raghvir Boli starrer movie Criminal is finally released. Criminal is directed by Garinder Sidhu and written by Sarvjit Khera and Naveen Jethi.This is a story of 5 criminals who broke out of jail and after that where they went , how they escaped and for how much longer. This is the story of this movie. So lets talk about this movie in detail:

Direction: Criminal movie is directed by Garinder sidhu who previously directed Ik sandhu hunda c and Rocky mental. Criminal is a suspense thriller genre movie and according to this garinder did an amazing work specially in dark side of criminals.

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Story and Dialogues: Story and screenplay is written by Sarvjit khera and Naveen sethi. One of the best part of the movie is its catchy dialogues and you can’t resist their stamp on your tongue and mind. Dialogues credit goes to Vinit Attri and Vishal Singh Deot. This duo has done a remarkable job in this film. Specially Bharpoor singh bhoora aka Prince Kanwaljit’s Dialogues.However this is a suspense thriller movie but its climax ended in very fast pace. Where audience is expecting something suspenseful but then they suddenly realize that this is the end of story.

Visuals: According to the story genre its a Dark suspenseful and little touch of comedy its visuals are quite good. Whole story setup is about a flat and b

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uilding. So its visuals according to the story are quite promising and capable of storyline.

BGM and Songs: Criminal’s BGM credit goes to Kevin Roy who did a good job in accordance of story genre. This movie includes Two songs one is Pyar di Gal by Inderjit Nikku and the other one is High Jatt by G khan and Hashmat Sultana. These both songs connect its audience to the story feel. Minimum songs means less interruption in the story. These songs came to the story at most required moments one is the beginning and second is Ending.

Actors And Acting: Main starcast includes Neeru Bajwa, Dheeraj Kumar, Prince Kanwaljit and Raghvir Boli. Where neeru bajwa and dheeraj as a couple did amazing job and their characters have some variations specially neeru bajwa’s character mahi. As a mahi she did an amazing job. On the Otherhand Prince Kanwaljit and Raghvir boli as a criminals did mind blowing job. Their characters variations is what required in punjabi industry. Supporting characters like Sukhwinder Chahal, Gurnav deep singh, Harbhagwan singh, Harishav Sharma and Kavi Singh has played their part very gracefully.

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In conclusion this movie is a Mixture of Suspenseful Thriller, Catchy Dialogues and beautiful story and Acting. And Special part is that first time we have seen this kind of concept in punjabi industry so yes Punjabi industry is growing its vision and outcasting the norms .

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