Data of 500 Million WhatsApp Users Leaked Online, Details Inside

As we all know technology is a boon for people, with the help of gadgets one can able to do anything, in the ancient time there is not any facility of mobile and people talked with their near and dear ones with the help of letters but with advancement, there is an invention of mobile phones, the computer and many electric things through which we can able to talk with a person even if she is very far away from us. however on the one side, it is very good for everyone that there is advancement but many people misuse this automation.

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so, it is to inform you all that the data of 50 crore users in 84 countries of WhatsApp users are being leaked and sold The countries are the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Egypt, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Brazil and even India were included. Moreover, the data of 6 Million WhatsApp users in India have been leaked online and also the leaked data is used by hackers for spamming, phishing attempts and more.

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