Delhi Government to Fund Artificial Rain Project to Combat Air Pollution

In an unprecedented move, the Delhi government has announced its decision to fund the entire cost of inducing artificial rain to address the city’s hazardous air pollution levels. This decision, aimed at improving air quality in the national capital, has been communicated to the Supreme Court by the city’s chief secretary.

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The initiative, set to be the first of its kind in Delhi, depends on the central government’s support. If agreed upon, the artificial rain could occur as soon as November 20. A senior government official highlighted the significance of this decision, noting the potential for artificial rain by the mentioned date, contingent on central government backing.

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Delhi’s Environment Minister, Gopal Rai, revealed the government’s plans to utilize cloud seeding technology to induce rainfall and mitigate air pollution. This announcement followed a meeting with scientists from IIT-Kanpur, who explained the prerequisites for cloud seeding, such as the presence of clouds or atmospheric moisture. Rai mentioned that such conditions are expected around November 20-21 and that a detailed proposal would be submitted to the Supreme Court.

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