Detailed Movie Review: Tufang – A Gripping Tale from the Heart of Punjab

Acting and Dialogues

‘Tufang’ brings a story that demands absolute dedication to the craft from its performers. The leads – Guri, Jagjeet Sandhu, and Rukshaar Dhillon, manage to do more than just justice to their roles. Jagjeet Sandhu, usually known for his affable characters, takes a leap of faith with this film and morphs into a convincing rough-and-tough character, adding depth to the storyline.

Our Score

Guri, building on his successful stints in ‘Tufang’ and ‘Lover’, has managed to hone his acting skills further, showcasing an impressive range of emotions. Rukshaar Dhillon, on the other hand, showcases a powerful performance. Her authentic Punjabi accent is a breath of fresh air, avoiding the all-too-common trend of mixing Hindi and Punjabi. The supporting cast also effectively contribute to the film, making every character count.

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Director Dheeraj Rattan Kedarnath Ji, with his impeccable storytelling and direction, strings together the story elements with remarkable clarity. His emphasis on each character’s development and his commitment to maintain a coherent narrative is appreciable. The storytelling mastery of Kedarnath Ji keeps the audience engaged and invested in the film, thus crafting an immersive cinematic experience.


The soulful music and the poignant background score of ‘Tufang’ are perfectly woven into the narrative. Each song, strategically placed at key junctures of the story, adds to the overall emotive quotient of the movie. The in-theatre sound experience, with its depth and clarity, serves as a cherry on top, further enhancing the cinematic experience.


‘Tufang’ differentiates itself from typical Punjabi cinema with its unique teal and orange visual theme, often seen in renowned Hollywood series. The commendable use of graphics, SFX, and other visual elements not only enriches the visual narrative but also presents an aesthetically pleasing cinematic experience to the audience.


The storyline of ‘Tufang’, revolving around Arjan (Guri), his brother-in-law Mouser (Jagjeet Sandhu), and his partner Deep (Rukshaar), may appear conventional at first glance. However, it’s the screenplay’s treatment and the intricate plot development that breathes life into the narrative. It tells the engaging tale of Arjan’s challenge to murder two men and the complexities that follow, resulting in a compelling cinematic narrative.

Geet MP3 deserves praise for producing ‘Tufang’, a film that has significantly elevated the standards of Punjabi cinema. Their dedication towards creating quality content that resonates with the audience has set new benchmarks in the regional cinema landscape. With ‘Tufang’, Geet MP3 continues its journey of transforming the Punjabi film industry, one movie at a time.

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