Diljit DosanjhVoice Helped Little Coma Patient Girl Go Through Painful Treatment

Diljit Dosanjh is an amazing artist in this Punjabi industry, his art and singing is known all over the world. He is not only winning the hearts of the people with his art and singing but also his kind nature is one of his best quality. Recently, a case came to limelight in which Diljit met a little girl named Amber, In a Facebook post Amber’s parents revealed that she was in the nations and during that time she had to undergo many years of very painful treatment.


Meanwhile, when she heard Diljit’s songs, her body started shaking and she thanked Diljit for giving a lot of courage with his peaceful voice through his music, he helped her in recovering from her coma.He also re-shared this post on his social media and replied “Love You putt aa”.


This kind of love will only make a positive change into this world. No other artist has ever heard of this.Diljit is very popular all over the world and an extremely down to earth human being, this is an big achievement as an artist to make a difference in someone’s life.

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