E-rickshaw Driver’s Hooliganism In Amritsar, Several Vehicles Collided And Escaped , Video Inside

An elderly man was left on the road and abused by an e-rickshaw driver at Amritsar’s Novelty Chowk. The police started chasing the rickshaw driver after the incident. The chase lasted for about 15 km as the rickshaw driver kept making his way through different streets of the city, hitting several vehicles and injuring people in the process.The behavior of the e-rickshaw driver was not only insensitive and inhumane towards the elderly man, but also dangerous to the public as he hit several vehicles while trying to escape the police. This highlights the importance of regulating e-rickshaws and ensuring that the drivers are properly trained and licensed to operate.The injured people and their families deserve justice and compensation for the harm done to them.

The authorities should take strong action against the e-rickshaw driver and ensure that he is held accountable for his actions.The incident also highlights the need for increased road safety measures in Amritsar. The city authorities should work towards creating safer roads and ensuring that all vehicles are driven by responsible and qualified drivers.

In conclusion, the e-rickshaw driver’s actions were unacceptable and it is important that the authorities take strong action against him to send a message that such behavior will not be tolerated. Additionally, steps must be taken to improve road safety and prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

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