“Exploitation of Sidhu Moosewala’s Legacy: A Disturbing Trend of Posthumous Manipulation”

Sidhu Moosewala, the revered Punjabi singer and songwriter, known for his profound influence on contemporary Punjabi music, tragically left us over a year ago on May 29, 2022. A luminary of the Punjabi music scene, Sidhu’s death created a void that is yet to be filled. However, the period following his untimely demise has been tainted by controversies involving individuals and entities exploiting his name for personal and commercial gain, sparking outrage among fans and raising serious ethical questions.

A disturbing example of this exploitation is the recent usage of Sidhu’s image and song, “295,” for promotional purposes on a betel nut packet. The song, an embodiment of Sidhu’s unique style and unparalleled storytelling, was played to a backdrop of his picture prominently displayed on the packet. This tactless marketing tactic has drawn sharp criticism from fans and industry insiders alike.Capitalizing on the fame and emotional resonance of the late singer is not only disrespectful to Sidhu’s memory but also raises concerns about the violation of intellectual property rights. Sidhu’s song and image are his artistic property, and using them without permission or rightful authority is a serious transgression.

Moreover, this incident underlines the need for posthumous rights protection for artists. A lack of robust legal measures and their implementation has left the legacy of deceased artists vulnerable to commercial exploitation. Sidhu Moosewala is not the first artist to have his work misused posthumously, but his case should serve as a wake-up call for the relevant authorities.Another unsettling incident involves the use of Artificial Intelligence to replicate Sidhu’s voice. In this digital age, AI’s advancements offer boundless possibilities, but they also present ethical quandaries when misused. While AI’s ability to mimic voices can have legitimate uses, it becomes problematic when used to exploit a deceased artist’s legacy.

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These incidents reveal a painful truth: the commodification of Sidhu’s legacy has overshadowed the quest for justice over his death. To many of his fans, the government’s apparent inaction seems to add insult to injury. The exploitation of Sidhu’s name, image, and voice has diverted attention from the circumstances of his death, which remain unresolved.Preserving the dignity of an artist’s legacy requires respect and a judicious approach from all parties involved. Sidhu Moosewala gave the world a wealth of music and memories that will live on for generations. The truest tribute to him would be to safeguard his legacy, honor his contributions, and bring justice to his untimely demise.

In conclusion, the exploitation of Sidhu Moosewala’s legacy underscores the urgent need for laws protecting deceased artists’ rights and the importance of their strict implementation. As fans and responsible citizens, we owe it to Sidhu and other artists like him to prevent such misuse and uphold the sanctity of their art.

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